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Ep. 003 – Don’t Stop Believing!

Our guest on this episode is Michael Osborne. Michael is currently the President and CEO at SmarterHQ. Prior to that Michael was the original head of sales at Bazaarvoice which he helped take from $1m to a successful IPO.
During this episode we’ll hear from Michael on a number of topics. While at Bazaarvoice, Michael implemented a creative process to hiring high performing sales reps. He looked for passion, intelligence and the ability to communicate.
One of my favorite parts is when Michael explains the creation of the “Spartan” culture. and as you know Spartan’s fight to the death.
From a KPI perspective Micheal explains that the only KPI that really matters is the closing rate.
Oh and by the way Michael’s walk up song of choice is Don’t Stop Believing by Journey.

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Ep. 003 – Don’t Stop Believing!