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Ep. 004 – On your Mark, get Set, Go!

Our guest on this episode is Brad McGinity. Brad is currently the Vice President of Sales at 15Five a Silicon Valley-based startup that makes continuous employee feedback simple to drive high performing cultures. Prior to 15Five, Brad was a co-founder and VP of Sales at Windsor Circle.
During this episode, we’ll focus on Brad’s run at Windsor Circle and learn what its like to build a team from scratch while trying to deliver results in a very fast-paced environment.
We’ll also uncover a couple of interesting facts about Brad like the fact that he trained with Michael Phelps in Baltimore and once bought a house from his soon to be boss. He also trained for the Boston Marathon and because of a slight miscalculation just missed qualifying by 12 seconds, talk about timing! Enjoy. This is Best Selling.

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Ep. 004 – On your Mark, get Set, Go!