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On Best Selling, Vince Beese interviews real sales professionals about real selling to uncover the secrets of sales success. Learn how to become a "Best Seller" from top sales professionals.

Ep. 005 – The Enterprise Slayer

Our guest on this episode of Best Selling is Mar Brandt. Mar is the VP of Enterprise Sales at Sitecore in SF. Mar has a long and successful track record in building enterprise sales organizations and taking down large complex deals. On this episode, we’ll uncover the key’s to Mar success with enterprise sales and find out about her journey all the way. She is a true superstar and was once Experian’s sales person of the year. Stay tuned for another entertaining and informative episode.
2:43 – Selling to large multi-billion dollar organizations
10:01 – What are the characteristics of an enterprise hunter
13:00 – Recruiting Unicorns
17:30 – Its all about the process. Mar likes Value Selling a lot.
28:30 – Experian’s Sales Person of the Year!

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Ep. 005 – The Enterprise Slayer