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On Best Selling, Vince Beese interviews real sales professionals about real selling to uncover the secrets of sales success. Learn how to become a "Best Seller" from top sales professionals.

Ep. 009 – The Servant Leader

Our guest on this episode is Grant Kitching.  Grant is the Chief Revenue Officer at Real Magic a startup in downtown Raleigh NC. Real Magic sells a product that helps small businesses manage their professional relationships to take their business to the next level.
During our conversation with Grant we’ll discuss how to attack a market through verticalization to build a competitive advantage. We’ll also explore the criteria for selecting a market or TAM and as always we’ll find out what makes Grant tick and if he has any super powers.
1:46  Pick up the phone to research a market
5:30  Vertical focus to create a competitive advantage
10:45 The 3 pieces to vertical success
16:19 Choosing a Total Addressable Market (TAM)
22:42 Characteristic of a Best Seller
29:01 The “Servant Leader” 


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Ep. 009 – The Servant Leader