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On Best Selling, Vince Beese interviews real sales professionals about real selling to uncover the secrets of sales success. Learn how to become a "Best Seller" from top sales professionals.

Ep. 041 – The King of Sales with Jeffrey Gitomer

Our guest is Jeffrey Gitomer. Jeffrey is a best selling author, speaker and sales consultant. He has written 15 books, 3 of which have been on the NYT best sellers list. His book the Little Red book of Selling has sold over 5 million copies and counting and he has a top sales podcast called Sell or Die. Oh by the way he is known as the “King of Sales”.

Jeffrey and I start the podcast discussing his background and early beginnings in sales. Jeffrey shares his passion for sales and attributes his success to writing. He tells me that every penny he makes is because of what he has written. We also discuss what it takes to succeed in sales and how the internet and social has changed how we sell but not the core fundamentals.

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Thanks for tuning in. This is Best Selling.

Jeffrey Gitomer
The King of Sales

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Ep. 041 – The King of Sales with Jeffrey Gitomer