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Ep. 048 – You don’t need empathy to be good at sales with Nicolas Vandenberghe

Our guest on this episode is Nicolas Vandenberghe. Nicolas is the co-founder & CEO of Chili Piper, which is a buyer enablement platform that helps convert leads faster.

We have been taught that to be a best seller we need to be empathetic. In my conversation with Nicolas, he de-bunks that point of view. He believes that to be good at sales, you have to understand and take into account people’s emotions, but you do not need to be affected by these emotions. As a practical example, as a seller If I understand the buyers emotions, I could use those emotions as part of my strategy to close. Interesting right?

Later in the episode we also discuss the importance of time when it comes to following up with valuable leads. Speed matters and can make a big improvement in conversion rates.

But before we jump into the episode I want to thank our sponsor Sales@Scale.

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Thanks for tuning in. This is Best Selling.

Nicolas Vandenberghe
CEO at Chili Piper

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Ep. 048 – You don’t need empathy to be good at sales with Nicolas Vandenberghe