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Ep. 067 – 1to1 Messaging through Video with Steve Pacinelli

Our guest on this episode is Steve Pacinelli. Steve is the CMO at BombBomb. BombBomb helps build better business relationships with video messaging.

Steve and I discuss the value of video vs. email and voice. Its important to note that video is 3 dimensional you have, 1) body language, 2) tone and 3) word selection. Where email is just word selection and voice is tone and word selection. So if you want to be more personal start using video for intros, follow up or whenever the message would be better served one to one. There are a lot of great tidbits in this episode so take a listen and enjoy.

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Steve Pacinelli
CMO at BombBomb
T-REX Summit 2020

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Ep. 067 – 1to1 Messaging through Video with Steve Pacinelli