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On Best Selling, Vince Beese interviews real sales professionals about real selling to uncover the secrets of sales success. Learn how to become a "Best Seller" from top sales professionals.

Ep. 001 – Crayon Maker to Grave Digger

On this first episode of Best Selling our guest is Brandon Gracey. Brandon is the VP of Sales at Handshake in NYC. During the interview we’ll learn about some interesting things about Brandon and his sales career like;
He once wanted to be a crayon maker but settled on becoming a grave digger, true story.
We’ll discuss the most important part of the sales process, secret its not closing.
We’ll also uncover the #1 characteristic of every great sales rep and what it takes to close big deals.
Finally we’ll find out Brandon’s true super power is and discuss why product is more important than marketing.

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Ep. 001 – Crayon Maker to Grave Digger