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Ep. 008 – Driven by Speed

Our guest on this episode is Mary Oakley.  Mary is a Strategic Sales Director at Red Hat where she has spent the last 11 years selling open source solutions to enterprises.
On this episode we’re going to dig deep into Emotional Quotient (EQ) and why it’s an important characteristic for best sellers. Mary and I will also discuss her path from IBM to Red Hat and her early dream of becoming the CEO at IBM.
3:30 – EQ vs IQ and their characteristics.
10:26 – Why empathy is so critical to selling.
13:12 – Dreaming of becoming the CEO of IBM.
26:02 – No one likes a micro manager, no one.
34:40 – Daring to be great at high speeds, the Richard Petty driving experience.

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Ep. 008 – Driven by Speed