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Ep. 014 – Selling The Dream with Christophe Lafargue

Our guest on this episode is Christophe Lafargue. Christophe is the Director of Business Development at Lucid Dream VR. Lucid Dream designs and builds custom virtual-reality experience for enterprise industries.

Christophe and I start the conversation discussing how to sell a dream, an emotion, an experience. As you can image selling a product that has many different applications can be challenging so how do you help your customers prioritize their needs vs. their wants. It certainly helps to have a really cool demo experience. We’ll break this down during our discussion.

Other topics Christophe and I explore are:

  • The Concept Discovery Sprint
  • The best referrals are warm intros
  • Demos are the critical activity on the path to closing
  • Selling when you have nothing to sell

P.S. the book Christophe references during the episode is called “Win without Pitching” by Blair Enns

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Ep. 014 – Selling The Dream with Christophe Lafargue