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Ep. 016 – Gender Diversity in Sales with Chas Scarantino

Our guest on this episode is Chas Scarantino. Chas is the VP of Sales at Pendo in Raleigh, NC. Pendo is a fast growing startup that make software lovable.

Chas and I start the conversation discussing the impact of having a gender diversified sales team. There is a push and pull effect when you have both genders competing and collaborating, and the outcome is that everyone wins. Chas shares his experience managing teams that were 100% female and teams that were almost exclusively male.

Other topics Chas and I explore are:

  • Up-leveling yourself, self improvement
  • Sometimes you need to slow down to speed up
  • When does a startup stop becoming a startup
  • Chas suggests reading “To Sell is Human”

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Ep. 016 – Gender Diversity in Sales with Chas Scarantino