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Ep. 053 – B2B selling is a game of inches with Sangram Vajre

Our guest on this episode is Sangram Vajre. Sangram is the co-founder and Chief Customer Evangelist at Terminus. He is also the co-author of the book ABM is B2B which can be found on Amazon.

Sangram and I start the conversation discussing B2B selling and how focusing on quality and not quantity can increase your rate. He has seen win rates as high as 95% by using highly targeted and personalized touches. We also outline the KPIs that matter most which are those that focus on business outcomes.

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Thanks for tuning in. This is Best Selling.

Sangram Vajre
Chief Customer Evangelist at Terminus
T-REX Summit 2020

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Ep. 053 – B2B selling is a game of inches with Sangram Vajre