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On Best Selling, Vince Beese interviews real sales professionals about real selling to uncover the secrets of sales success. Learn how to become a "Best Seller" from top sales professionals.

Ep. 059 – What the top 1% of sellers do and why you should to with Scott Ingram

Our guest on this episode is Scott Ingram. Scott is an Account Director at Relationship One and the host of Sales Success Stories podcast.

Scott and I begin the conversation discussing what Best Sellers look like and what they do that other sellers don’t. Scott has interviewed over 85+ #1 sellers across the country so he has an expert opinion when it comes to this unique group of overachievers. We also discuss the concept of the Executive Memo which is used to build trust and collaboration with large enterprise customers.

But before we jump into the episode I want to thank our sponsor the T-REX Summit the southeast’s premier sales and marking growth conference. Join us on April 21st and 22nd at the Carolina Theatre in downtown Durham.

We’ve got a great lineup of speakers including Cal Fussman, a world renown speaker, journalist and author, Erica Schultz from the RAIN Group, Brad McGinity the CRO at 15five, Latane Conant the CMO at 6sense and Aliisa Rosenthal the VP Sales at Walkme just to name a few.

Go to or more info or to purchase your ticket today and use coupon code “BestSelling” to take 50% off your ticket price now.

Thanks for tuning in. This is Best Selling.

Scott Ingram
Host of Sales Success Stories
T-REX Summit 2020

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Ep. 059 – What the top 1% of sellers do and why you should to with Scott Ingram